Will Pope’s environment video usher in death of true Christianity?

Wow. In keeping with mine, and many others’ warnings that the Pope is ushering in false unity, not only of churches, but of religions and even nations, his latest video address is incredibly concerning.

Obviously it also fits with the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy we’ve seen edging closer in recent years under Pope Francis’s leadership.

View the video here first.

I’m not going to say too much about it, as it speaks for itself if you read the rest of this site to get the context, but what I would say is that the argument that there is a concerted conspiracy towards what we are seeing happening is growing all the time.

While I do not wish to discount the impact man has on the environment and while I am all for doing something about it to save and respect our planet, I do believe that there is an agenda at work here in terms of press coverage and media spin.

Also, I 100% believe that the idea of a ‘church solution’ originated in Rome and likely led by Europe is something to be massively feared, particularly given the history of Rome and the nations currently running Europe.

When you hear ‘re-education’ mentioned by a Pope, for me, it conjures up images of inquisition and atrocity.

The fact he uses the word ‘mature’ to describe those who agree with him should also concern us.

For me, that means those who are willing to accept religion is just cultural and that ‘we all worship the same god’, those who, like Hillsong etc, will unite with him in false unity, and those who hold a scientific view of creation and ‘mother earth’.

What’s funny is that, while the world has organisations set up to look for the early signs of genocide, their red flags unlikely include people who outwardly preach unity, love and peace, but come from a Jesuit background more commonly associated with aledged crimes against humanity and Christianity. Equally nations that have a bloody history but now preach unity at the heart of Europe.

That Greta Thunberg is rising to prominence is also an interesting accelerator, especially as she has met with the pope and is advocating an ‘extinction rebellion’.

I think it is fittingly ironic that this motto could lead to a rebellion against God that will lead to extinction of those with the mark of the Beast – potentially a European or Papal empire unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Calls for Friday ‘rest’ seem to be on the rise, especially as the sixth day fits perfectly with the number of man.

I will watch with great interest to see what will happen at the Pope’s meeting in May next year.

I do not like to predict massive events because I believe it is more likely we will see a subtle fall into the great falling away and end times and that it could take more years than people think, but it’s happening.

Is it time for a real, dramatic, official declaration that unites religions, churches and nations in a global pact that ushers in a ‘peace and love’ dictatorship.

It’s possible. Whether May 2020 is just a small and subtle step or something more dramatic remains to be seen.

What would I expect to see? Perhaps commitments to respect other faiths by not spreading the gospel, a statement from big world churches saying ‘we all believe the same thing’, a new enforced ‘day of rest’ in honour of humanity or mother earth instead of God, a commitment to ask all citizens of the ‘global village’ to sign a peace, love and environment pledge or risk penalties.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility and it would be greeted by the vast majority. Basically, it’s rebuilding the Tower of Babel in united ‘humanity’ against God’s ways.

And it would not surprise me one bit if Pope Francis hijacks the rainbow to get the message across.

NOTE: the main picture is of one of several ‘prophetic’ murals at Denver Airport, built by the Masons and full of troubling satanic symbolism.