What it’s not

Please do not fall into the trap of thinking this site endorses ‘legalism’ (a term ironically used in defence of man-made rules, laws and traditions).

The Bible is 100% clear on justification by grace alone, with our faith effortlessly displayed in the spirit-led actions of true believers (James 2: 14-26).

That said, you will hear many claim that wisdom and discernment is for Pharisees. Indeed, anyone who questions the move towards apostasy will be called disruptive, divisive and backward. You have to wonder what modern Christianity would have made of Paul, who’s loving rebuke aimed to keep the early church on the right track.

You may say, what right do I have to say anything, when the most popular and successful preachers in the world from all denominations are saying the opposite.

My response? Look at the failure of Israel to spot the first coming of Jesus. Look at how the rich, the religious experts, the scribes, the respected, led people astray while crying heresy.

Look at the prophets, the disciples, the apostles – simple people who were rejected and killed because they said what the entire nation of Israel didn’t want to hear.

Finally, do not allow anything on this site to rock your faith in the One True God. If anything, the things revealed to me simply prove man’s efforts to please God are futile and that Biblical prophesy continues to be incredibly accurate. No church of man is perfect. Again: Jesus is the only way.