About this site

A bit of background

My journey to faith has been gradual. No Road to Damascus experience for me, just a gradual refinement by the Holy Spirit.

Why God chose me to be one of his flock I have no idea. All I am sure of is that, like any sinner, I did nothing to deserve it.

Why God chose me to share the message of this site? Again I am unsure. What I do know is that he has opened my eyes to things that have both strengthened my faith in God and lessened my faith in man.

What he’s revealed to me has been a struggle to accept. It’s meant changing my view on many things, it’s meant I’ve been led in a way that’s often been uncomfortable and frequently lonely.

It’s meant holding beliefs that I know the majority in my church do not hold, wondering why nobody else is being led in the same way.

I guess I can only be inspired by the prophets and apostles (though obviously not for one minute suggesting there is even the slightest parallel), knowing that they would have felt the same… times 100,000.

They delivered the message Yahweh had given them, whatever their misgivings, whatever the cost, and however much it went against the accepted belief of the time.

I have to believe that God gave me this message for a reason. I therefore have no choice but to be that vessel and deliver it. How many people the spirit leads here and how God uses this site I leave in his hands.

One thing I pray is that, though the content of this site is disturbing, do not let it in any way rock your faith. Let it rock your faith in man, yes, but not your faith in Yahweh and salvation through his son, Yeshua (Jesus).

If anything, the findings of this site are further proof of the divine nature of Bible prophesy, which continues to be incredibly accurate and, if we open our eyes, a critical protection against apostasy in an age of deceit.

I’d highly recommend that you view this site in combination with the links provided – they provide vital evidence of the subjects this site covers and are essential to understanding what I’m talking about.

These links are provided to save you time searching through the internet jungle, so you avoid pitfalls and misleading content, but I’d also encourage you to do your own research.

Equally, do not fall into the trap of thinking this site is self righteous or legalistic, or that I have anything against followers of any religion, denomination, or anyone come to that.

I have nothing to be self-righteous about and I know that myself, and the church I attend, are far from perfect. I have no right to judge anyone – only God will do that. I’m also as flawed as anyone else.

Indeed, if I do have issues with certain doctrines, be assured this is a criticism of the religious institutions and those leading them, not the flock they may or may not be deceiving. I also acknowledge that many institutions or leaders featured have likely led many people to genuine salvation.

All this site intends to do is to warn you of things that may lead true devoted followers of Christ down dangerous paths in the latter days.

Therefore I pray for all leaders, I pray for all fellow believers and I pray for myself, hoping that this site will benefit God’s kingdom and that he will forgive me if any content is included in error.

This site is written in love, so I have purposefully omitted a commenting section.