Chapter 4: Chasing liberty

Liberty is something the world is desperate for, but liberty from what?

We’ve already seen the defiant way that obelisks have been proudly displayed in some of the most influential seats of power in the world, but the secrets ‘hidden in plain sight’ are everywhere.

For instance, who knew that Europe is named after the Goddess Europa? Who noticed that many of the world’s most powerful countries use a goddess as their motif (Britannia being just one), or who has thought twice about the goddess Columbia on the famous film logo?

The Statue of Liberty (in common with Satan) is also known as the ‘light bearer’, but doesn’t she look similar to the Roman sun god, Sol Invictus (pictured below)?


Like the architecture of Washington though, what we do know without question is that these buildings and landmarks were funded or commissioned by Freemasons. The buildings have plaques to prove it and it is no secret – from the Washington Monument to the Statue of Liberty and the Capitol Building, these are all Masonic landmarks.

And did you know that the Capitol building’s iconic dome has a fresco of Freemason (and Founding Father) George Washington seated as God as its centrepiece?

This fresco was produced by Italian artist Constantino Brumidi following three years working at the Vatican. It is named the Apotheosis of Washington (Apotheosis meaning the elevation of someone to divine status) and sees him surrounded by pagan Gods and goddesses from ancient Rome.


And you thought the founding fathers and Freemasons were Christian right? Honestly, it’s so ridiculous you couldn’t make it up.

So, to recap, this blasphemous painting is on display at the seat of US and world power, directly in front of the biggest sun worship obelisk in the world (which lies to the east, in line with the rising sun).

Masonic symbols, including the ‘all seeing eye’ on the US bank note, also appear on several Christian churches throughout the world.


In fact, at their 300th anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall (interestingly the initials of this round building are Rah, coincidentally matching the name of the Egytptian sun god), the Freemasons made no secret of being behind some of the biggest decisions and people in history. Watch this video (which fast forwards to the interesting bits) here and note the prominent all seeing eye (usually more credited to the Illuminati) and ‘square and compass’.

Other more random and weird architectural projects they’ve commissioned include Denver International Airport, which also boasts a Masonic plaque to go with it’s bizarre demonic looking stallion and (since painted over) highly disturbing apocalyptic rainbow war murals. Also note that the rainbow in the picture has six, not seven colours – six being the number of man, seven being God’s perfect number and the number of colours in a real rainbow.

Bringing back Babylon
As mentioned earlier, the continent of Europe is named after the goddess Europa, who has been depicted throughout antiquity as riding a bull.

But Europa wasn’t only the inspiration for Europe’s name. With the rise of the European Union, she became the natural icon. Below are a few pictures to illustrate this fact, including a statue at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Incidentally, that’s the same European Parliament building that was purposefully designed based on a famous artist’s impression of the Tower of Babel! This is proven by the EU poster below, as if it wasn’t obvious in the unusual design as compared to the painting.

Olympic oddities
The weirdness happening in front of our very eyes continues with the Olympics and the traditional torch-lighting ceremony that is completed in Hera, Olympia, before the torch is relayed to the next host venue.

The Olympic Games originated to honour the Greek sun god Apollo and also Zeus, who was represented by the lighting of the Olympic flame at his temple and that of his wife, Hera. The modern Olympic flame is still ignited at the site where the temple of Hera used to stand.

In fact, the ceremony of the modern Olympic movement is actually anything but modern, because it calls on Apollo (another name for the sun god) to send down his rays to light the torch.

Watch this video by an Australian news channel ahead of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The commentary explains the ceremony and the chants by the performers, who represent ‘vestal virgins’. It is in two parts and the second is available here.

As I say, you couldn’t make it up. But why then can’t we see this hidden agenda when it is there, in plain sight? Because it’s normal? Because in anyone’s book this stuff isn’t normal.

Beyond belief
Heard the one about the recent Swiss rail tunnel opening that looked more like an elaborate Satanic ritual? You should have, because many of the great and good of the European establishment were there to see it, including Andrea Merkel and the French and Italian heads of state.

The video says it all and it’s one of those ‘got to see it to believe it’ moments.

So, at what point do we realise that this ‘quirky European eccentricity’ is a little more pre-planned and orchestrated?